Whitepaper - The Buyer’s Guide for Virtual Classrooms

Learning leaders have to be concerned about keeping pace in a fast-changing business environment, rapid innovation
in the learning industry, their department’s relevance, and a changing economic environment. The virtual classroom represents an ideal technology solution for modern high-impact learning organizations and distance education programs.

Virtual learning can take place synchronously or asynchronously. In synchronous systems, attendees meet in real time and instructors conduct live classes. In an asynchronous system, students learn at their own pace and work independently with the system.

The Saba Real-Time Collaboration platform delivers the most cost-effective online meetings on the market, an interactive virtual classroom, and engaging webinars that simplify audience participation and maximize the impact of every event. Saba (via acquisition of Centra) pioneered virtual classrooms in the late 90s by bringing true interactive classroom experience to the Internet.