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How Saba Customer Blue Buffalo Uses Learning Technology to Create Consistent Training

November 4, 2016, Alex Vaccaro - Consistent training is key for Blue Buffalo's Pet Detectives demonstration team.
Gina Whicker of Blue Buffalo presenting at CLO Symposium Plus

We’re pleased to present a video from the recent CLO Symposium + Plus featuring Gina Whicker of Blue Buffalo. Gina is the program development and training manager for Blue Buffalo’s “Pet Detectives” demonstration team.

In the video, Gina tells the CLO audience how Blue Buffalo is focused on creating a learning culture that will promote company-wide collaboration and a consistent training message. Gina gives us a sneak peek into “Blue U,” the brand-new company educational platform. She touches on topics such as getting company leadership on board for learning; blended learning; and how Blue Buffalo is refreshing its new hire training.

We hope you enjoy a hands-on look into how this leading natural pet food company is using learning technology to create consistent training that supports the employees who are on the front lines interacting with “pet parents.”

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