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Create a Compelling Candidate Experience ...Before the First Interview!

November 19, 2014, Shruti Kala - A positive candidate experience is an essential part of attracting top talent and the good news is that technology can play a big part in supporting that effort long before a great candidate has set his or her first call with you.

Bersin, in their recently released Talent Acquisition Systems 2014 Guide to Hiring Management Software discusses this fast-changing and strategic market in detail and we are pleased to have Saba listed in Bersin's pick of hottest current crop of solutions.

At Saba, we've always been laser focused on providing an intuitive, engaging user experience, therefore, two areas Bersin highlighted in its report around candidate experience really hit home: elevating the engagement of the corporate career site and simplifying the application process.

Following are some tips to consider in building your recruiting infrastructure.

Engaging Corporate Career Site

A company’s career site is the first introduction a prospective job candidate has to that organization. If done right, this is a great way to showcase your company’s culture, build your brand and distinguish yourself from your competitors. The best career sites should be:

  • Visually stimulating: Add videos — they are a great way to show your company culture and showcase what day-to-day life in the workplace looks like. Use images and visuals wherever possible — after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Like the use of toggle bars in place of words in job postings to visually display experience or qualifications requirements.


Use of Toggle bar in place of words to visually display job requirements

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive: Make sure your navigation is easy to decipher, your jobs are easy to find, and your application process is as low-maintenance as possible. If job seekers can’t find the jobs within one or two clicks, you are making them work too hard.

Simplified Application Process

Traditionally, it has been at the point of application itself that many potential applicants become discouraged and walk away from the process. When it comes to the application process, the design principle of “the simpler, the better” really applies.  Support this strategy with:

  • Simple sign-on with social profile: Many applications are too long, difficult or overly tedious to fill out — and they require repetitive entering of information already in the résumé or social media profile. This often causes applicants to exit the process. Job applicants should not have to create an account on your career site, but instead, be able to sign in using their social media credentials and apply for a job with a single click.


Log-in and apply with social profile

  • Candidate dashboards: Keeping track of job applications and their status can be tedious and time-consuming for the job seeker, especially if they have applied for multiple positions in the company. Having a dashboard where status of each application is displayed and interviews are listed can be very helpful.

The war for acquiring top talent is getting more competitive and unless organizations adopt new and engaging ways to attract and interact with candidates through the hiring process they will miss qualified candidates. A positive candidate experience can make all the difference.


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