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Machine Learning: Delivering Personalized Human Learning

September 30, 2014, Didi D'Errico - What we called e-Learning five years ago is just not comprehensive enough for the expectations of businesses and their people.
Machine Learning: Delivering Personalized Human Learning

The good news is that expectations about Learning have evolved for companies and individuals alike; but the bad news is that they are not aligned.

Businesses are recognizing the potency of delivering both formal, Learning and informal Learning. Research by Deloitte has identified that nearly 63% of employees are simply overwhelmed in terms of determining what is most important to them to do their jobs better. This is due to employees helping themselves to all sorts of content and connections via Social tools, external sources like TED Talks and even MOOC courses offered to audit for free by universities and businesses alike. The kind of people empowering themselves to learn are also likely to be the ones empowering themselves to leave if your businesses isn’t doing enough to engage them.

Traditionally, Learning Technology has been focused on accessibility and ease of use to help encourage more employees to interact with it. At Saba, we think the single most important shift needs to move from “pull,” requiring people to go find it, to “push.”  If Learning is presented to people, as they need it, in digestible amounts, it becomes a way of working, not a “to do” list item that requires them to stop what they are doing.

One way to do this is through the meaningful application of “Big Data Learning.” The best solutions will need to constantly adapt, just as people, jobs and companies need to be agile enough to react and respond to an often volatile business economy. Here at Saba, we believe that machine Learning and algorithms that look holistically at the dynamics in a Company, will be the true game changers.

How do we envision the role of the Learning portal of tomorrow? Individualization is key. It will not be a one size—or even one role—fits all. Our unified Talent Management offering -- with Learning right in the middle -- helps to connect each person on your team with the specific context, content and connections they need to succeed in their jobs. The more frequently people use Saba Cloud, built on machine Learning, the better the system adapts to what is most useful to each person, each department and to the Company as a whole.

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