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Time to get personal

March 24, 2014, Denise Clinker - If information today really is everywhere, how can we weed out the ‘good stuff’?
Time to get personal

I freely confess to being untidy. Probably even messy. Some years back though, I invented a way of dealing with it. Note that by then I had cunningly avoided many a corporate plot to resolve this with time management courses and blunt instruments. In the end, I invented my own solution, which I can now share with you. It is this. Just throw everything away. Unless you absolutely, certainly, definitely need it. In that case, give it to someone else. I promise this works in 100% of the cases where it has been used.

Now I recognise that this may not be for all. But it works for me. We all have our workplace idiosyncrasies. Perhaps nowhere is this truer than when we are Learning. This occurred to me when I was looking at setting up my personal Learning space on Saba Cloud. All learners can configure their personal Learning desktop. You can choose which experts to follow, what live events to attend, the whole look and feel of your desktop and more. For me, as you may guess, less is probably more. But that’s cool as well it seems. The real point here is that the ability to shape your own Learning space can make a huge difference to your Learning success. This is not a revelation. The concept of different Learning styles has many exponents (e.g. Honey and Mumford, David Kolb). Some people acquire knowledge visually – through pictures, diagrams and charts. Others prefer to learn from logical reasoning and analytical systems. Whatever your preference, having your Learning presented to you in a style that suits can make a world of difference.

Perhaps the real challenge today is the discovery process itself? Information is, of course everywhere. The hard bit is finding and filtering it in a way that works for you. In which case, personalising your Learning workspace to make sure you get the ‘good stuff’ in a style that works for you might just be the key to better Learning.

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