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Look out - it’s a video explosion!

March 14, 2014, Steve Atkins -
Look out - it’s a video explosion!

In 2013, YouTube revealed that we upload more than 100 hours of video every minute. Compare that to a mere 20 hours per minute in 2010. Much of this must be down to the huge increase in smart phones and the antics of fluffy kittens. But we know some material is helping people discover new and useful skills. The debate about the use of video in Learning has also risen dramatically. Learning professionals and developers are discovering new ways of incorporating short and often compelling clips to Learning programmes. For example, Saba Cloud now enables users to add and share embedded videos as part of its Social and collaborative Learning process, as well as formal video instruction. The good news is that video consistently scores exceptionally well with the learner for both appreciation and Learning recall. So, we’ve taken a look at how Saba Cloud users are adding video today to give you some useful tips:

  • Use existing YouTube clips: A great thing about YouTube is many videos are ‘creative commons’. That means you can add them to a formal course without fear of copyright issues. That’s cool because Saba Cloud enables you to embed videos from YouTube into any Learning programme. Click here for instructions on how to get creative commons videos.
  • Convert existing PowerPoints: Most organisations have hosts of PowerPoint presentations previously prepared and delivered then never used again. Capturing that presentation, including the audio, and then ‘chunking’ it down can provide surprisingly powerful Learning.
  • Hold an experts’ roundtable: Put some experts with a common interest together in a roundtable environment. Then video the results using a couple of cameras. You’re almost guaranteed to get some fascinating and enthusiastic material. Be warned though; roundtables can go on for ages! So use a simple video editing tool to create something really authoritative and punchy. 
  • Video a complete manual work process: This can be a rewarding way to use your video phone camera. It can reveal much more than any written description. Better still, these processes can often be central to an organisation’s success. Check out Mozilla Popcorn if you want a cool way to add captions and other information quickly to your video.
  • Create cartoons or animated videos: These make engaging and memorable vehicles for Learning. Many applications exist that make it surprisingly easy to create them. Most take no more than an hour’s training to use and can produce content extremely quickly.

If anyone knows any other good ways to add video to Learning feel free to share them here!

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