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Intelligent Learning Management

Unmatched in capabilities and easy to implement

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Help your people grow and succeed

  • Personal and relevant recommendations of classes, content and experts
  • Social groups connect learners with each other and the material
  • Embedded web and video meetings enable collaboration and coaching
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Reach more learners, save costs

  • Blend traditional classroom instruction with eLearning, virtual classrooms and recordings
  • Speed knowledge transfer and deepen understanding with communities and discussions
  • Provide just-in-time, just enough information via Saba Mobile
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Reduce risk and demonstrate value

  • Simplify and strengthen certification and compliance programs
  • Demonstrate learner success and improve programs with assessments, surveys and evaluations
  • Tie and track learning initiatives directly to business metrics with robust reporting and actionable analytics
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Integrate and extend learning with ease

  • Drag and drop the Workday, Salesforce or other system connector in Saba Marketplace
  • Instant access to thousands of eLearning courses
  • Saba's team and nearly 200 partners are ready to help with content, support and integration
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Engage and enable your extended enterprise

  • Provide and track formal and informal learning on a global basis
  • Support multiple audiences with targeted promotions, pricing and curricula for each
  • Elevate engagement with communities, discussions, meetings, badges and mobile access


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