Compensation Management

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Reward and Motivate Your Employees

Personalized compensation plans and intelligent recommendations help retain top talent

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“Saba’s risk and retention analysis is very powerful. This is an exciting innovation that can help many organizations like ours.”

— Barbara Lewis,
     Director of Talent Management,
     AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions

“Saba’s Compensation@Work design covers these elements and offers much more than the standard compensation components for deeper insight to power the best decisions.”

— Michelle Graves,
     Senior HR Business Consultant,

Bill Kutik’s view on merit-pay-matrix and Saba

Peter Clayton interviews HR guru Bill Kutik about how Compensation@Work will help organizations go beyond “merit-pay-increase matrix” and retain key employees

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Retain your high potentials and stars

  • Identifies at risk employees up front by leveraging machine learning and big data
  • Provides personalized recommendations that improve retention rate and budgeting process
  • Performs retention vs. replacement analysis, providing the hard data needed to justify individual investments
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Intelligent compensation budget planning tools

  • Enables top-down, bottom-up or combination approach to budget planning with powerful “what-if” analysis
  • Allows for importing guidelines and/or build complex formulas to design an effective plan aligned with the business strategy
  • Helps easily allocate compensation components within agreed budgets and corporate guidelines
  • Handles complexities of multi-national and multi-currency budgeting and forecasting in a single platform
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Intuitive dashboard for managers

  • Empowers line managers to effectively use available budgets for recognizing top performers
  • Helps managers adhere to compensation guidelines while improving visibility 
  • Enables better decisions with easy-to-use dashboards and analytics
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Smarter analytics and visualization

  • Reduces the time and cost of the annual cycle
  • Eliminates the risk of non-compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Captures and analyzes compensation data for modelling and reporting
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