Talent Management Suite

Saba's cloud-based Intelligent Talent Management solution uses machine learning to improve the way you hire, develop, engage and inspire your people.


Saba’s organically built recruiting solution sets a new standard by enabling a social, predictive and collaborative hiring process that helps find the best candidates – internal or external, passive or active. 


Unmatched in capabilities and easy to implement, Saba’s learning management system will engage your learners, elevate their skills, and make your learning strategy successful. 


Give your people the tools they need to understand how their performance plays a role in your organization’s success. Go beyond automating goal setting and reviews, and enable alignment between employees, managers and the company.


Simplify and personalize compensation management. Saba uses predictive analytics to proactively identify flight-risk employees, compare the cost of incentives to retain an employee to the specific costs to replace that employee, and provide personalized compensation recommendations to retain your talented employees.


Build talent pipeline, improve bench strength and increase retention by ensuring you have the right people in place for tomorrow’s business challenges. Easily uncover and address talent gaps and departure risks, and empower managers and employees to build personal development plans.


Enable executives and HR to visualize and model different scenarios in order to make better decisions and more effectively manage organizational change of all types, including growth, rightsizing and reorganization.