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What to do when ratings don't 'meet expectations'

Rating employees on their performance is increasingly seen as a practice that "does not meet expectations." All too often, organizations are finding that ratings are:

  • Biased, according to manager preference
  • Meaningless, with managers peanut butter-coating all employees with the same rating
  • Distracting, pulling the conversation into a numbers debate rather than an overall performance discussion
  • Demoralizing, with employees feeling dissatisfied with their rating rather than empowered for the year ahead

Simply put, ratings are not having a positive effect on performance. And yet, isn't the point of performance management to increase performance?

If you've been evolving your performance management practices, you've likely been scratching your head over what to do with ratings. Anita Bowness, Saba's Global Practice Leader, Strategic Services, will explore this complex issue of performance and compensation.

Join us on this webinar, where we'll cover:

  • Ongoing performance management and compensation
  • How to differentiate performance without a rating
  • Alternatives to ratings in pay-for-performance decisions
  • Key considerations for your action plan
  • Using HR tech to help you make the shift

Don't stay stuck in a ratings rut. Sign-up for this webinar today and we'll help you take the right next step.

About Anita Bowness

About Anita Bowness

Leading this webinar will be Anita Bowness, Saba's Global Practice Leader, Strategic Services. Anita draws upon her 20 years of HR and consulting experience in the areas of recruitment, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, succession planning, organizational development, competency mapping and change management. Her consulting experience has spanned many sectors, including IT, government, defense, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, education, logistics and professional services. Anita holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in HRM from the University of Ottawa, and a Master's in HRM from the University of Leeds.

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