The Science of Motivation: Why Workplace Motivation is So Hard and How to Overcome Resistance.

Join Saba as David Meade, international speaker and award-winning business strategy researcher, will share cutting edge research on the hard science of motivating teams and individuals in a constantly changing corporate landscape. Drawing on a host of new insights from the world of engagement and high performance in some of the world's most successful companies, he'll show how simple it can be to drive teams to achieve their best every day.

This session will include actionable takeaways for attendees at all levels of HR, and provide you with a practical toolkit you can apply in our business immediately.

Attendees will learn:

  • New insights on recognition and rewards
  • The key elements of communication and culture that drive engagement and motivation
  • How to recognize the importance of a tech ecosystem that emphasizes performance
  • The role of interactivity and collaboration in motivating employees
  • Ways to enable teams to access people and information they need to do their jobs
  • How a motivated workforce is directly correlated to business results

About David Meade

About David Meade

Over the last ten years, David Meade has established a reputation as an international expert on how organizations can work better, and his successful BBC television show has made him one of the most recognizable faces in his native country, Ireland. Regularly trusted by organizations like Apple, Facebook, Harvard, and Danske Bank, his insights have proven invaluable to teams and organizations all over the world.

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