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Nine Practical Tips for Using Neuroscience to Power Learning

Super charge your learning strategy using easy-to-apply principles from neuroscience

Behavioral science has the power to motivate people to learn and change. But it can be a complex, nuanced subject. Advice previously offered from the learning industry often lacked scientific evidence, but times are changing.

So how can you design a learning experience that actually motivates your learners to learn?

Join digital learning specialist and neuroscience PhD student, Charlotte Hills, as she brings clarity to insights from the latest research and offers practical tips you can use to motivate people to learn new concepts.

You'll also hear from Carl Crisostomo, Saba Product Manager for Content, as he shares how organizations can offer engaging learning experiences while also delivering learning at scale.

You'll gain insights into:

  • Why emotion is a powerful learning mechanism, and ways you can evoke it with learning content
  • What 'loss aversion' is, and how you can use it to motivate your learners
  • How the brain is wired to be social, and ways to engage the social mind to power learning
  • How applying behavioral science principles drives learner engagement and learning outcomes

Watch now to learn nine straightforward and practical neuroscience tips to empower your people to learn new things.

About the Speakers

Charlotte Hills
Neuroscience PhD student, University of Warwick and Digital


Charlotte Hills is an award-winning learning designer and published researcher. Specialising in medical content, Charlotte uses adult learning principles from neuroscience and psychology literature to create effective learning and drive adoption.

Carl Crisostomo
Product Manager, Content, Saba Software


Carl is Saba's Product Manager for Content. He is responsible for its content strategy. He's a learning professional and storyteller who believes in using corporate learning to not only solve client problems but also to change people's lives.

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