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Is Virtual Reality a New Learning Reality?

How Immersive Learning is Transforming Corporate L&D

Virtual reality (VR) fully immerses a user within the realms of an artificial, computer-generated environment - through sight, sound and interaction - making them suspend belief and accept that they are present somewhere else other than the real world.

And while VR has certainly taken the gaming world by storm, what applications might it have in the world of corporate learning? How can organizations incorporate immersive technologies and experiences into their learning strategies to engage employees and improve learning outcomes?

Creating High-Impact Learning with VR

In this on-demand presentation from Sam Watts, Director of Immersive Technologies at Make Real, you'll gain expert insights into the evolution of virtual and augmented reality. Through a series of case studies and real-world examples, you'll gain a better understanding of VR capabilities and how they could benefit your learning programs.

Watch this on-demand recording now to find out how immersive technologies like VR could take your L&D strategy to the next level!

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