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L&D: The Royal Bank of Scotland Perspective

One of Scotland's leading financial institutions offers insight on building a world-class learning culture

The new world of "smart" personalization through predictive analytics and adaptive learning creates a successful employee experience and improved business results. Through the use of technology, L&D can help employees learn how they want to learn while delivering the deep insights your business needs to perform.

Hear from the Head of Learning & Development at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) about how they deliver modern, engaging and just-in-time learning to more than 70,000 employees using engaging and cutting-edge technologies powered by AI.

Using Technology to Scale Personalized Learning

Gavin McQuillan is responsible for the development and implementation of the bank's global L&D strategy. In this video, he shares more about the development of the L&D strategy, how it is being implemented across the organization and the key part that technology plays in delivering an exceptional learning experience.

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