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Growth Mindset - What It Is and Why You Need It

L&D as an Agent of Change in Organizations

The learning and development landscape is constantly evolving, thanks to rapidly changing technology, business environments, and learner needs and expectations. How can L&D professionals keep pace with this increasingly dynamic world of work and, perhaps more interestingly, what is the secret ingredient that sets high-performing learning organizations apart from the rest?

In her groundbreaking research on motivation and personality, Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck believes it comes down to this: Whether you have a "fixed" or "growth" mindset.

A fixed mindset is rooted in a static set of ideas and beliefs, where we believe talent and ability is innate and can't be developed through learning. A growth mindset, on the other hand, is when we believe our natural-born talents are merely a starting point and can be cultivated through learning and development.

So, what does this mean for learning professionals? By embracing the principles behind growth mindset, L&D teams can achieve breakthrough performance and encourage forward momentum within an organization.

Embracing a Growth Mindset to Maximize Learning Outcomes

As an agent of change within the organization, learning leaders must adopt and nurture a growth mindset in order to drive employee and organizational success. With a growth mindset, L&D can shift and influence corporate culture, improve organizational agility, and secure buy-in for new and innovative ideas - all major components of a modern and competitive business.

In this on-demand presentation from Lumesse Learning Lounge, author and international speaker Laura Overton explains how L&D professionals can cultivate a growth mindset - and the powerfully transformative impact it can have on learning and business outcomes.

Watch this presentation now to discover how you can adopt a growth mindset to help your learning organization unlock its full potential!

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