Resources Webinars How Work Is Changing During COVID-19 – and What It Means for Your Future People Practices and Culture


How Work Is Changing During COVID-19 – and What It Means for Your Future People Practices and Culture

COVID-19 Has Impacted The World Of Work. What Will This Mean When We Begin To Consider The Full "Return To Work"?

There's no question that COVID-19 has impacted the world of work in deep, disruptive ways. As we near the peak (fingers crossed) of this pandemic wave, the world will relax social distancing standards and - you guessed it - begin to consider a full "return to work."

Join Saba and Kris Dunn (author of the 9 Faces of HR, founder of Fistful of Talent and the HR Capitalist, CHRO at Kinetix) for How Work Is Changing During COVID-19 – and What It Means for Your Future People Practices and Culture.

We'll dig into the impact of the pandemic on the workplace and how smart HR pros are preparing for the "new normal" post COVID-19.

While the world will fully return to work, the workplace will never be quite the same. Join us for this important conversation to maximize your post-coronavirus readiness as an HR pro.

You'll gain insights into:

  • Delivering on evolving employee expectations for remote work
  • The evolving profile of the ideal manager of people in a post COVID-19 world
  • How investments in learning and development, goal setting, coaching and performance tools will generate strong returns in the post-pandemic world
  • Why COVID-19 will shift line items in your P&L related to people (ex - office space expense) and how to contribute as an HR Pro
  • Why a post-pandemic change in employee communication/employer branding strategy is mandatory
  • How smart HR pros are reinventing themselves to show readiness in a post COVID-19 world

Watch today to learn how you can begin to prepare your workplace for the 'new normal'.

About the Speakers

Kris Dunn
Chief Human Resources Officer, Kinetix

Kris is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Kinetix, and the founding editor of the popular HR blogs Fistful of Talent and The HR Capitalist. He's a VP of HR type who has led HR practices in Fortune 500s and venture capital-held startups. He believes the key to great business results is to get great people, then do cool stuff to maximize their motivation, performance and effectiveness once you have them in the door.

As it turns out, that's his simple definition of talent management. For the Saba blog, Kris writes about career management and the steps you can take to achieve your career goals and own your professional career.

Connie Costigan
Vice President for Communications and Brand Advocacy, Saba Software

Connie Costigan is Vice President for Communications and Brand Advocacy at Saba. She works closely with smart thinkers in human resources to share the latest best practices in talent management and how our solutions support them.

Connie holds a B.A. with honors in Political Science from McMaster University. Her past leadership positions include posts at Cognos, an IBM company, and Spotwave Wireless.

Connie loves that she gets to work on topics that she's passionate about. She learns from her fantastic team and her three crazy kids every day.

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