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How to Deliver an Employee-Centric Performance Management Program

Do you hear that? It's the moans and groans of your employees, managers and even your fellow HR peers as your organization looks to embark on, is in the midst of, or are just wrapping up another annual performance review. Whether you are relying strictly on once-per-year goal setting and review activities, have switched to ongoing performance conversations, or fall somewhere in between—we all know there is always room for improvement when it comes to performance management.

But how can you truly revitalize the performance management process when it is such a core element of people programs? It starts with thinking outside of the calendar year and putting the employee at the center of the process.

Join us for this webinar featuring Jamie Resker, Practice Leader and Founder of Employee Performance Solutions, and Anita Bowness, Principal Product Manager, Customer Success with Saba Software for a conversation around how you can elevate your organization's goal setting and performance coaching practices to create more meaningful experiences for your employees that drive real business results.

You'll gain insights into...

  • Best practices for implementing performance management and goal setting processes that align, engage and inspire your people
  • How to use ongoing check-in conversations to monitor goal progress, ensure performance excellence, and capture performance data all year long
  • Why incorporating coaching, feedback and development during 1:1s is crucial for accelerating goal achievement and performance outcomes
  • How to use technology to scale a personalized, just-for-me employee experience

Watch this webinar about how to scrap the linear performance management mindset and instead put employees at the heart of a continuous coaching and development program!

About the Speakers

Jamie Resker
Practice Leader and Founder of Employee Performance Solutions


Jamie draws upon 25 years' experience on modernizing and rebranding performance management. Jamie reshapes manager and employee communications, shifting time and energy from reviewing and discussing past performance to dialogue about performance now and moving forward. She has cracked the code on measuring performance and making pay decisions without annual reviews and ratings. Her Performance Continuum Coaching Forward Method, training and tools, set managers up for success as performance coaches who inspire and motivate improved performance. Managers learn how to provide action-oriented direction, reconfirm priorities, recognize accomplishments, and course-correct underperformance sooner than later. Jamie works with HR teams to socialize new ideas with proven change management tactics that help Managers, Executives, and Employees embrace a re-imagined PM system that more accurately reflects how people work today. She holds a BA in Business from Emmanuel College, is on the faculty for the Northeast Human Resources Association, is a regular contributor to the Saba Blog, and an editorial advisory board member for HR Examiner.

Anita Bowness
Principal Product Manager, Customer Success, Saba Software


As the Principal Product Manager, Customer Success in Saba's Strategic Services group, Anita draws on over 20 years' experience in consulting and professional services to help HR leaders recruit, engage, develop and retain their talent. Anita has been published in HR Daily Advisor and HRO Today, featured in an interview on BBC Capital and presented at DisruptHR Ottawa, Saba Insight and Halogen TalentSpace Live. Although she's worked with hundreds of organizations from IT to healthcare, Anita never loses sight of what HR is really about: people. Anita loves helping organizations manage performance so people are more engaged, happier and productive.

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