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How to Cultivate Performance and Remove Barriers to Growth

Unlocking High Performance

Fixing performance management is a top priority for many organizations in 2019. Sound familiar? That's because the same was said in 2018, 2017, 2016... Clearly fixing performance management is something easier said than done. And even organizations who have adopted more frequent performance reviews and abandoned ratings are finding that not everyone loves the changes.

That's because the process is missing one vital step: setting the right conditions to cultivate performance.

Just like a farmer uses deep knowledge of plants to affect every controllable factor to create optimal growth conditions for their crops, you'll learn how managers can cultivate high performance in their people.

Join Jason Lauritsen, Employee Engagement & Workplace Culture Expert, and Anita Bowness, Principal Product Manager for Saba Software, for a look into how fixing performance management requires starting with a fresh mindset about human performance.

You'll gain insights into:

  • The three key processes of an effective performance management system, including setting the stage for cultivation
  • How shifting to a cultivation mindset can transform the employee experience and employee performance
  • Practical steps for enabling managers to support employee growth and performance
  • How the right performance management technology can help cultivate high performance

Watch today to learn more about cultivating performance to grow employee, team and business success naturally.

About the Speakers

Jason Lauritsen
Employee Engagement & Workplace Culture Expert

Jason Lauritsen

Jason is a keynote speaker, consultant, and co-author of the book Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships. A former corporate Human Resources executive, Jason has dedicated his career to helping leaders build organizations that are good for both people and profits. Most recently, he led the research team for Quantum Workplace's Best Places to Work program where he has studied the employee experience at thousands of companies to understand what the best workplaces in the world do differently than the rest.

Anita Bowness
Principal Product Manager, Customer Success, Saba Software

Anita Bowness

As the Global Practice Leader in Saba's Strategic Services group, Anita draws on over 20 years' experience in consulting and professional services to help HR leaders recruit, engage, develop and retain their talent. Anita is a regular contributor to the Saba Blog, has been published in various industry publications including HR Daily Advisor, TLNT and HRO Today, featured in an interview on BBC Capital and presented at DisruptHR Ottawa and Saba Insight. Although she's worked with hundreds of organizations from IT to healthcare, Anita never loses sight of what HR is really about: people. Anita loves helping organizations manage performance so people are more engaged, happier and productive.

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