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Using Video to Support the Modern Learner

Enable Self-Driven Learning Through Video

Over the past 10 years, the use of video in learning has more than doubled*. And for good reason: Video engages learners and holds their attention, making it an effective mode for learning.

Learners are already familiar with using video in their personal lives, so harnessing that consumer-grade experience to support diverse training needs is a no-brainer.

But where do you start?

In this webinar, you'll learn how to incorporate video into your larger talent development strategy in a way that empowers learners and allows you to measure business impact.

You'll gain insights into how to:

  • Integrate video across all learning touchpoints
  • Support both formal and informal learning experiences
  • Ensure content security with a unified learning platform
  • Track and measure the impact of video content

Watch today for tips on using video to create the modern experience today's learners crave!

*The eLearning Guild, Use of Video Learning, 2017

About the Speakers

Hawley Kane
Head of Organizational Talent and Leadership Development, Saba Software

Hawley Kane

As the Organizational Talent and Leadership Development leader at a talent management provider, Hawley has the unique opportunity to marry Saba's ongoing performance, continuous learning and career development strategies with the company's own cloud solutions and services. Hawley is responsible for global initiatives ranging from onboarding to performance management training and leader development, as well as Saba's people and team-driven development programs. Before her L&D leadership role, Hawley served as principal product manager at Halogen Software, prior to the company's acquisition by Saba in 2017. In this role she gained nearly a decade of experience in working with hundreds of HR and learning leaders to translate their business and user needs into product capabilities.

Emily Manley
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Saba Software

Emily Manley

Emily is responsible for the product marketing activities of Saba's fully integrated learning and talent management platform, Saba Cloud. As a product expert, she has line of sight into how Saba Cloud can help clients build high-impact learning cultures, embrace ongoing performance management, and increase employee engagement with valuable insights. Emily holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Marketing from Carleton University, and an MBA from Queen's University.

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