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Empowering People to Lead in Teams When They're Not the Boss

Many progressive organizations are addressing talent mobility and career growth opportunities by giving their people opportunities to work in cross-functional teams to tackle big projects or company initiatives. It's a great way to leverage and grow their skills, especially within flatter organizations, where the career ladder isn't always an option. Pulling together diverse expertise across various work styles – from fulltime to remote to gig – across time zones and cultures to solve business challenges creates greater talent agility to meet the rapid pace of change in the digital workplace, but it can also pose challenges.

When work is done independent of org charts and reporting lines, it becomes mission critical that your people are enabled to lead through influence rather than authority. Often for individuals to succeed and grow in today's organizations, they are being called upon to be a leader when they aren't THE Leader. It sounds hard and perhaps even complicated. But what if leading without a title was actually simpler than it seems?

Join Saba and Leadership Expert Susan Mazza to discover practical approaches for HR leaders to enable managers and employees, with easy to apply tips for elevating leadership skills, with or without a title.

You'll gain insights into:

  • Discover the 3 myths of leading without a title, and where to focus people instead to help them be better leaders at any level.
  • Learn the 3 components of leading effectively along with a specific practice for each that you can enable your teams to use immediately within your company.
  • Explore practical examples and the global nuances of how you can support your managers and people in leading more effectively without a title.

Watch today to learn how to empower your people to lead effectively at any level!

About the Speakers

Susan Mazza
CEO of Clarus Consulting

Susan Mazza

Susan Mazza is a business consultant, leadership coach, and motivational speaker who works with leaders and their teams to transform their leadership, relationships and work environment to achieve high performance. For the Saba blog, Susan shares how leaders can best serve their talented workforce (or workforce talent), and ignite and sustain high performance through exceptional leadership. 

Susan is CEO of Clarus Consulting Group, LLC and Founder of Random Acts of Leadership. Founded in 2004, Clarus Consulting Group, LLC is a women-owned consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders and their organizations to access their power to be and do the remarkable. 

Named one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders by Trust Across America/Trust Around the World and a Top 100 Conference Speaker in Inc. Magazine, Susan co-authored The Character-Based Leader and is the author of the highly acclaimed blog

Kelli Davidson
Senior Solution Architect, Saba Software

Kelli Davidson

With a degree in Human Resource Management and 20 years of experience supporting the industry, Kelli is an expert on delivering effective HR and development strategy. Kelli started her career working at PeopleSoft and then Oracle where she was responsible for supporting customer's HR needs with various HR technology solutions such as PeopleSoft HR, Oracle Cloud HR, and Taleo Talent Management. She has worked at Saba as a Solution Architect for the past 6 years helping customers maximize the impact of their talent development investment resulting in more engaged, happier and productive employees.

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