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Creating a Feedback Culture

Learn How to Stop Managing and Start Coaching

Giving and receiving feedback can be intimidating, but that doesn't make it any less important for leaders, employees and the business. But how do you make feedback discussions an effective driver of employee engagement, retention and productivity?

Join us for this one-hour webinar where we'll share real-world strategies for fostering a culture of feedback in your organization.

You'll gain insights into:

  • How continuous coaching strengthens work relationships
  • The role of feedback in ongoing performance management
  • Tips for giving, receiving and interpreting feedback

Watch now to discover how you can reimagine performance management and create a feedback-rich culture!

About the Speakers

Hawley Kane
Head of Learning & Development, Saba Software

Hawley Kane

Hawley served as Principal Product Manager at Halogen for over 8 years and in that time delivered several leading products and features such as 1:1 Exchange, Feedback Central, external 360-degree feedback, and Talent View.

In her new Head of Learning & Development role, Hawley has taken a proactive approach in helping Saba understand its own learning gaps in the organization in all departments including engineering, technical support, customer support, sales, marketing, administration, and partners. Hawley will be instrumental in shaping new internal initiatives around Global Onboarding, Performance Management Essentials, Management Essentials, and Leadership Development among other programs.

Melany Gallant
Content Marketing Manager, Saba Software

Melany Gallant

In Melany's role as Saba's Content Manager, she gets to work with smart people to share the latest thinking about talent management. In her collaboration with industry thought leaders inside and outside of Saba, Melany helps craft content that educates and informs. A bonus to her work is that she is always learning new things on the latest best practices in talent management and employee engagement.

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