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Building the Business Case for Investing in Talent Management

A great talent development program can set your organization apart and keep you competitive. While you don't need convincing, your leadership team sure does. Because without executive buy-in, even the best intentions fly out the window.

This begs the question: What do HR leaders need to do to get the C-Suite onboard? Led by a seasoned CFO, this webinar will show you how to develop an effective business case that delivers the most compelling facts and figures to back up both hard and soft benefits for investing in talent management systems and processes.

Key learning takeaways:

  • The surprising competencies and skills that strategic HR leaders and CFOs have in common
  • How to align your proposed initiatives directly to the objectives of the business
  • The language and metrics that will make your CFO and CEO sit up and take notice
  • Important financial metrics and other key factors to consider and include in your case
  • What to ask your vendors to get the support you need to ensure buy-in

About the Speakers

Connie Costigan
VP, Communications, Saba Software


Connie Costigan is Vice President for Communications and Brand Advocacy at Saba. She works closely with smart thinkers in human resources to share the latest best practices in talent management and how our solutions support them.

Pete Low
CFO, Saba Software


As CFO, Pete oversees Saba's finance, legal, information technology, and security, risk and compliance functions. Prior to his appointment to Saba, Pete served as CFO of Halogen Software for over a decade. With more than 25 years of financial management experience, Pete was instrumental in guiding Halogen through its Initial Public Offering on the TSX in May 2013, and the acquisition of Halogen by Saba in 2017.

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