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Big Data: Coming to an L&D Department Near You

How Data Analytics Can Transform Organizational Learning

Big data has passed "fad" status and is now a mainstay in the business world. With applications for organizations of all sizes and across a wide variety of industries, big data has become integral to the way modern organizations operate.

But what does the explosion of big data mean for the learning and development landscape? And, perhaps more interestingly, how can learning leaders leverage data analytics to take their L&D strategy to the next level?

Opportunity Knocks: Big Data and the Future of Learning

The learning industry has reached a mature (and borderline stagnant) status, one where generally accepted best practices appear timeless. But L&D leaders have a unique opportunity right now to shake things up, break apart from the pack, and capitalize on the far-reaching benefits presented by the breakthrough of big data.

"We have an industry that's been stagnant for 15 years. I want to tear down the dam that's been suppressing change and unleash a flood of innovation. There's a huge opportunity to improve L&D via analytics." — Mike Rustici

In this thought-provoking presentation from Mike Rustici, eLearning industry expert and founder of Watershed, discover how learning and performance data can revolutionize L&D to optimize learning and business outcomes.

Watch this on-demand presentation to learn how a data-centric mindset can help you create a culture of continuous improvement, maximize learning impact, and boost organizational performance!

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