Resources Research The smarter annual report: How companies are integrating financial and human capital reporting


The smarter annual report: How companies are integrating financial and human capital reporting

This report provides guidance on how companies should respond to the movement to improve annual reporting to stakeholders, and in particular the provision of better human capital information. Human capital reporting offers great opportunities for HR to demonstrate its contribution through a core role in shaping the organization's business results story. Read this report to get actionable information about what's behind this movement and what you can do to prepare your organization for better talent and human capital metrics and reporting.

About the Authors of this Report:

David Creelman has had a distinguished career in HR research, and is a long-time collaborator with HR luminaries such as Ed Lawler, Dave Ulrich and Henry Mintzberg. Andrew Lambert has worked with more than 90 organizations over 35 years as a manager and consultant. In 2013, Creelman Lambert was awarded the Walker prize for the most significant contribution to strategic HR thinking by the Human Resource Planning Society for their work on The Board and HR.

Laurie Bassi is the CEO of McBassi & Company. Located in New York City, McBassi & Company is a leader in using human capital analytics to improve organizational performance. A sought-after speaker - having spoken on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica - Laurie is also a prolific author, with over 90 published papers and books.

66 Pages of Incredible Insights into Reporting on Human Capital, Including:

  • Dealing with Multiple Report Stakeholders
  • Telling a Meaningful Integrated Human Resource Story
  • How Best to Implement the IIRC and SASB Principles
  • The 15 Key Aspects of Human Resources that you should be Reporting on, with Examples of Reporting Tables
  • How a Strategy Map can Bring it all Together for your C-Level
  • The value of HR Risk Declarations

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