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Saba offers a continuous Talent Development experience that gives people and teams everything they need to develop and succeed, while at the same time creating value for your business. From goal setting, ongoing coaching and feedback, to learning and development, career planning, and rewards and recognition – Saba Cloud can help you create an environment where your employees are empowered to drive their own development experience and perform at their best.

Check out these product videos and see how Saba Cloud can help you transform your talent development programs to create value for your employees, teams and business.

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Empower Your Employees with a Self-Driven Learning Environment
Increase Employee Engagement with Rewards & Recognition
Use Pulse Survey Insights to Maximize the Impact of Your Talent Programs
Coach Your Way to Performance Excellence with Check-ins

Empower Your Employees with a Self-Driven Learning Environment

Learning and development is a critical part of any robust talent development strategy. Not only does it arm employees with the skills they need to perform better on the job, a culture of learning also increases employee engagement, supports your company brand, and ultimate gives you that competitive advantage you need. This video demonstrates how employees and teams can become connected contributors and owners of their own development, significantly reducing the burden on your L&D team. Saba's unique offering empowers employees to discover their own learning both within and outside the learning management system, and brings it all together in one system that uses that learning to fuel performance excellence. Let us show you how Sabas self-driven learning environment ensures employees get the relevant learning and development they need to develop skills, achieve their goals, and grow in their careers.

Increase Employee Engagement with Rewards & Recognition

Keeping employees engaged is one of the top challenges in every company. Engagement means your employees are bringing their best to work, and when your people perform at the top of their game, they'll take your business there too. Saba's rewards and recognition capabilities make it easy for HR and L&D teams to drive adoption and stickiness of your talent development programs, and realize that big payoff of better employee engagement. This video shows you how rewards & recognition touchpoints are incorporated through Saba's learning & performance modules, offering employees an experience that is fun, motivating and engaging. When you're investing time and money into talent development initiatives, you want to make sure your employees are not only participating in these initiatives, but that they're enjoying the experience.

Use Pulse Survey Insights to Maximize the Impact of Your Talent Programs

Saba's Pulse 360 is a versatile and powerful real-time insight tool that shows you how to solve a big challenge all organizations face: Are our employees are engaged? How do they feel about our talent development programs & practices? How do we know if they are moving the needle on business performance? This video demonstrates how you and your leaders can use powerful Pulse surveys to get real-time insights from your people at multiple stages throughout the employee lifecycle. You can be agile and responsive, show your employees you care about their development, and demonstrate that your talent programs are providing value. Only with Saba can you take the pulse of your employees and then, within the same system, take action to improve performance, learning and development, and more. This feedback approach works in harmony with your larger talent development strategy and programs, so you can be confident that you're providing value, and driving people and business success, at every step.

Coach your way to performance excellence with Check-ins

Learn how to use coaching to drive organizational results and achieve ongoing performance excellence. Saba’s powerful check-in tool gives managers and employees an easy way to stay aligned, engaged and focused on achieving real-time performance outcomes. Regular check-ins provide a 1:1 forum for managers to coach employees to their full potential. Check-ins provide a centralized way to track and collaborate on goals and projects, exchange meaningful feedback and discuss career development opportunities. Start using check-ins now to improve communication, strengthen the manager-employee relationship and foster a results-driven performance culture across your organization.

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