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What makes an effective succession planning program?

The list may seem long, but each item is important. An effective succession planning program:

Is broad and deep
Focuses on developing all employees, not just high-potential employees
Relies on support from managers at all levels of the organization, not just in leadership roles
Is connected at all levels and areas of the organization into a single program that is a coherent whole
Includes effective tools to assess the readiness and development needs of candidates
Is founded on learning and career paths that progress gradually and offer a variety of learning activities and tools
Supports learning through work experience and assignments
Is tailored to the organization's specific needs
Has the support and commitment of your executive team
Is more than a replacement plan
Develops pools of employees who are at various stages of readiness for promotion or new assignments
Provides continuity in your leadership pipeline as well as for all key areas in the organization
Is formal
Is integrated with and leverages your performance management process
Considers the organization's long term goals and strategy
Emphasizes diversity
Is ongoing and systematic, not reactive
Encourages personal accountability for development

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