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How to answer your CEO's top questions about your talent

Harvard Business Review

"Leaders who are skeptical about making substantial and continued investments in their people have already lost the war for talent."

Douglas A. Ready, Linda A. Hill, and Robert J. Thomas
"Building a Game-Changing Strategy" February 2014

This statement by renowned business authors underpins what the most successful executive leaders believe about the importance of their people. Like you, we believe that your people are a true source of competitive advantage.

It's no secret that for your CEO, strategy execution, growth, and competitiveness are all dependent on the performance of your people - the talent within your organization. Yet let's look at the current market climate and the reality that may be impacting the C-Suite's perspective about your talent.

  • CEOs see talent as the number one constraint to growth according to Gartner's CEO and Executive Survey. 1
  • Gallup reports that nearly 70% of the workforce not achieving their full potential 2 and
  • PWC reports that voluntary turnover among high performers is on the rise.
  • Our research with Harvard Business Review shows that 79% of executives believe lack of frontline leadership capability negatively impacts company performance 4 and
  • Corporate Executive Board asserts that 64% of employees don't understand their organization's goals. 5

In light of this, PWC reports that a full 93% of CEOs want to change their talent management strategies, but only 33% have acted on their plans.


So what's going on?

Do you know if this is the situation in your organization? Better yet, can you answer some of your C-Suite's burning questions about your talent?

  1. Can we achieve our business goals with our current staff and capabilities?
  2. Are we retaining top talent?
  3. Is our existing talent base ready to become our next generation of leaders?
  4. Is our investment in learning and development paying off?

Are you up for the answer challenge?

If you're dealing with a manual process for your talent management programs, or using disparate systems, the answers won't come easy. Compiling the information about competencies and goal achievement, top talent retention, leadership pipeline and L&D effectiveness is incredibly onerous. And if done manually, you might never get the insight you need.

A better way to get answers

Fully integrated talent management solutions not only help you map your talent strategy to your business strategy, but can provide you the insight you need to answer your CEO's questions, and make business decisions to ensure that the answer is YES.

Success with Talent Management made easy. Experience it for yourself.

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But don't just take our word for it.

Here's what some of the C-Level leaders from Halogen's customers have to say about how Halogen solutions are helping them stay competitive, develop top talent, and execute their strategy.

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Success with Talent Management made easy. Experience it for yourself.

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