The Learning and Performance Link: Making the Connection

Deliver Learning That Moves the Needle on Performance

While the most important outcome of learning is improved performance, nearly 60% of organizations say learning is not aligned with business goals.*

But if learning isn't moving the needle on performance, what's the point?

For too many organizations, the outcome of learning is...learning. And while metrics like course completion rates or course grades can tell you how learners are responding to your learning content, they don't give you any insights into how learning is actually impacting the business.

High-Performing Organizations Connect Learning and Performance

Recent research from Brandon Hall Group reveals that companies with high-performance cultures are more effective at linking learning and performance to drive better business outcomes. And while more than two-thirds of companies say that an inability to measure learning's impact represents a challenge to achieving critical learning outcomes, high-performing organizations also measure learning effectiveness quite differently than their low-performing counterparts.

For high-performing organizations, learning is not the outcome – it is the behavior that drives performance.

Learning and performance management do not merely co-exist – they are dependent on one another. By thinking in terms of business outcomes and focusing learning and development programs on specific behaviors, skills, or competencies, you can solidify the learning-performance connection to achieve the results that matter to your business.

Companies that successfully connect learning to performance are also far more likely to review L&D goals compared to corporate objectives at least quarterly, link L&D objectives to departmental goals, and tie L&D objectives to individual performance reviews.*

So where does your organization stand when it comes to delivering, tracking and analyzing the impact of learning as it relates to performance outcomes?

Solidify the Learning-Performance Connection to Maximize Business Impact

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You'll gain insights into:

  • Why the Learning and Performance Convergence Model is the key to better business outcomes
  • Best practices for linking learning and performance to drive long-term organizational success
  • What high-performing companies do differently when it comes to measuring learning effectiveness

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