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The Curve: Issue 9

Why behaviour change is the new frontier for corporate learning

The value of training and learning can be questioned if it doesn't result in some form of behaviour change. Yet behaviour change is seen as one of the hardest problems to address. Why? It's not about content. It's not about knowledge. What we really need to understand is the brain.

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This issue includes:

  • From Knowing to Doing: The Next Big Step for Corporate Learning. Shifting the focus from content to behaviour change.
  • 5 Things I Know About Learning: Nigel Paine shares his top learning strategies to help you thrive in today's world.
  • Why Learning Leaders Need to Use Their Brain: Laura Overton, Towards Maturity shares her insights on their 2019 report 'The Transformation Journey' and the importance of cognitive science.

Plus much more.

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