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The Curve: Issue 4

Meeting the Challenge of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not just about organisations keeping up – it’s more about getting ahead. High-performing organisations aren’t just setting targets around digital-maturity initiatives, they’re thinking beyond that to the future – it’s their responsibility to learn how the ever-evolving digital landscape will affect their people and their business.

So this is the perfect time for organisations to revisit and revamp their learning strategies. Technology is digitally transforming enterprises at a rapid pace, creating brand new categories of learning needs. This issue of Curve looks at the challenges and opportunities created by this changing landscape.

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This issue includes:

  • The digital skills gap: Carole Bower talks behaviours, skills and strategies employees need to thrive in today’s digitally transformed enterprises
  • 4 key competencies digital leaders: Peter Chadwick shares essentials for leading through digital disruption
  • 5 ways that blockchain will change your world: Daniel Jiménez explains some of the wide-sweeping applications of this new technology

And much more.

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