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The Curve: Issue 3

The Rise of the Machine: Tech Changes the Rules of Learner Engagement

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here and now. Chances are good that your organisation is already using some form of AI – such as machine learning – to help run the business. This increasingly sophisticated technology is also affecting how employees embrace learning.

We are in the age of the self-directed learner, the age of people-driven engagement. Technology is changing the rules of learner engagement: artificial intelligence and machine learning will increasingly do the managing and the mediating of learners, content and talent. Our new jobs will be to design learner experiences – or to simply provide great resources.

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This issue includes:

  • Welcome to the machine: Duncan Barrett examines how the evolution of our relationship with technology is shaping a new vision for learning within organisations
  • 6 tips that will make your learning irresistibly clickable: Steve Rayson explains eMarketing techniques that will attract and engage your learners
  • How UX took over the world: Tony Bartholomew discusses why beauty and pleasure are the new starting points for learning design

And much more.

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