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The Continuing Evolution of Recruitment Outsourcing

The Misconceptions and Opportunities for Recruitment Outsourcing

Through advances in technology and the shift toward a greater requirement for a strategic partner, recruitment outsourcing is evolving. And fast. This pace of change, accelerated by digital transformation, is encouraging organizations and outsourcing providers to adapt.

These changes have in part been driven by the well-documented talent shortage, which has prompted a shift in mindset to access a smaller talent pool ahead of the competition.

What does the future of recruitment outsourcing look like?

To answer that question, in collaboration with HR Grapevine we surveyed over 500 in-house and agency recruiters for their insights and opinions on the future of outsourced recruitment.

While 49% of respondents stated they believe technology will drive the evolution of recruitment in the next 10 years, survey results reveal several misconceptions about outsourcing and outsourcing technology - and their value to business success.

This whitepaper explores the why behind these misconceptions while also presenting how workforce trends and pressures require a new way of looking at talent and talent acquisition practices.

In this white paper you'll gain insights into:

  • The perceptions in-house and agency recruiters have about recruitment outsourcing and total talent acquisition
  • The benefits of fully embedding an external provider into your recruitment strategy
  • Three most important considerations when outsourcing recruiting

Download this HR Grapevine whitepaper to learn why recruitment outsourcing and total talent acquisition are becoming a vital asset to all talent acquisition teams and what the future of outsourced recruitment looks like.

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