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Take the 30-day feedback challenge

Managers and employees want feedback to know how they are doing.

  • What can they do to improve?
  • What are they doing well?

Despite this desire for feedback, a recent Gallup poll* found that only 27% of employees think the feedback they're getting now helps them do their work better. Without useful feedback, your people are less engaged and less motivated in their roles.

Are you up for a feedback challenge?

Feedback is a great engagement tool, but only if it's done regularly and effectively. While many managers and employees know that continuous feedback is important for learning and development and managing performance, it can be challenging to put that knowledge into practice.

This is where the 30-day feedback challenge comes in. This resource includes 30 ideas to make feedback and recognition a daily habit, such as:

  • Share positive feedback with an employee. Make sure you share the impact the employee had.
  • Request feedback by asking: What is one thing I'm doing to support you that works well?
  • Ask a mentor or colleague about their biggest feedback challenge and how they handled it.
  • Tell a manager one thing you've learned from them.

How to use the 30-day feedback challenge eBook

Managers can take on the 30-day feedback challenge individually or set up a competition between teams or departments. No matter how it's done, the 30-day feedback challenge is a great way to make feedback and recognition a part of daily life in your organization.

*Gallup, 2016

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