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Research - Saba Software and the ROI of Employee Engagement by Nucleus Research

Research Note: Learn how Saba Pulse 360 helps employers show an ROI on employee engagement

It's a question that has long stymied learning and development professionals: how do we show ROI (return on investment) for our talent management investments? Increased productivity can be traced back, at least in part, to employees' level of engagement. It's just that there's no straightforward way to show, let alone measure, the effect of employee engagement on productivity.

Nucleus Research envisions a way for employers to show an ROI related to employee engagement by identifying the avoided costs to organizations through the use of HR technology such as Saba Pulse 360.

In this research note, Nucleus Research suggests avoided costs include:

  • Poor employee engagement that can induce a cascade of poor outcomes
  • Expensive consultants hired to "discover" why employee engagement is lacking
  • Pricey efforts and once-per-year surveys that don't reveal important data

How Saba Pulse 360 Revolutionizes the Employee Engagement Survey

Saba Pulse 360 marshals the trigger-based approach to employee feedback by helping organizations measure, understand and influence employee engagement before it goes downhill. It enables an employer to avoid the significant expenses associated with trying to gauge engagement in a large workforce long after employee morale has cratered.

Real-Life Examples of How Saba Pulse 360 Can Avoid Costs

  • Use intelligent trigger-based functionality to save time and expense
  • Monitor employee engagement continuously
  • Halt deterioration of employee engagement
  • Prevent expensive "look-back" surveys to figure out what went wrong

Download this Nucleus Research research report to learn how HR technology can help you create a culture of listening that drives true employee engagement and helps show ROI for your talent management investments.

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