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Ongoing Performance Management: The Way of the Future

There was a time when the foundation of performance management was the annual appraisal. The appraisal gave a high-level summary of what employees and managers could remember about past performance to enable decisions about future compensation.

But times have changed and progressive organizations are increasingly adopting ongoing performance management practices. This modern approach gives employees ownership of their performance and encourages regular conversations with managers to:

  • Set and discuss progress on goals,
  • Get feedback on day-to-day performance,
  • Set and discuss progress with learning and development activities, and
  • Foster greater engagement in the organization.

With ongoing performance management practices people work to achieve goals aligned to organizational objectives of course. However, they also get to provide input into their goals and development so their individual needs are addressed as well.

The focus is no longer solely on what outcomes organizations can get out of people. Instead, ongoing performance management is centered on improving communication and building relationships. It gives employees the opportunity to contribute to the success of the organization in balance with their own career and development needs. This approach leads to better business results because people who feel valued, connected and fulfilled at work are typically more engaged. And highly engaged employees are key to driving growth, competitive advantage and market share.

This whitepaper walks you through the current landscape of performance management in the reality of today's ever-changing workplace and offers guidance on what you can do to help people feel inspired and encouraged to be their best, including how to:

  • Motivate employees by taking a future-focused approach to all areas of talent management
  • Drive engagement by aligning goals, learning and development to organizational outcomes and career progression
  • Build manager-employee relationships with the right feedback and coaching conversations
  • Develop leaders with the skills to help their people grow and succeed
  • Use technology to enable your talent strategy and align it to the needs of your people and your business
  • Measure the HR metrics that matter to the business so you know what works

Download our whitepaper, "Ongoing Performance Management: The Way of the Future," developed in partnership with SHRM People + Strategy, to learn more about how you can make ongoing performance management a reality in your organization so your people and your business find success.

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