Manager Onboarding: 5 Steps to Designing a Program that Will Make New Managers Successful

More and more organizations are making onboarding a priority, starting with the experience candidates have even before the offer is made. So, why not extend that to new managers? After all, when 50% of employees have left at least one job because of a manager, you want to make sure new managers are set up for success.

Onboarding for new managers is the critical piece that comes as the manager starts their new management role so they get training on what they need to do when they need to do it as a manager. Leadership and management development can happen before, during or after the promotion and those skills will stay with them. But manager onboarding helps new managers get off on the right foot day one.

This eBook gives an overview of the topics you need to cover in your new manager onboarding program and then provides a five-step process you can use to develop your own program. From making an honest assessment of the outcomes you need to the design, development, implementation and ongoing evaluation, this eBook provides a high-level overview to get you started.

Give your new managers the support they need to be the best coach, mentor and guide for their employees. It increases their engagement in the job and that's good for the people they manage and for the organization, too.

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