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Learning Experience Assessment Tool

Optimize the Learning Experience to Boost Performance

As learning continues to become more learner-centric, the need for organizations to take a holistic view of the learning experience - one that goes beyond technology platforms and smile sheets - is magnified. Yet many organizations are falling short.

Research by Brandon Hall Group reveals that a complete, effective learning strategy - one that has the power to transfer knowledge, change behaviors and improve performance - requires alignment to the business, effective design and deployment, and the ability to measure learning impact. Without these three vital elements, the learning experience suffers, as do learning and business outcomes.

So, where does your organization stand on the journey to delivering a better learning experience?

Take a few minutes to complete this 35-question learning experience assessment developed by Brandon Hall Group to discover where your organization sits in terms of learning readiness.

Once you've completed the assessment, check out these Learning Experience tools and resources for expert guidance on how to achieve the learning experience your employees and organization need!

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