Evolving from Performance Management to Talent Development: Link Learning to Performance for Better Business Outcomes

Create a Hyper-Connected Talent Experience

Recent data from Brandon Hall Group's 2018 Performance Management Study1 shows that most high-performing organizations now embrace ongoing, in-the-moment performance management over annual or fixed-period performance review cycles.

It's a significant shift: Instead of viewing performance management as a once-a-year process to grudgingly endure, organizations are seeing it as a dynamic, real-time event that can be tied to development to actually drive improved performance. The tide has clearly shifted.

So what's next for organizations along the journey to better talent development?

Making the Connection Between Learning and Performance

With the help of technology, organizations can facilitate a proactive feedback and coaching culture to make ongoing performance management a reality. Performance management technology allows organizations to put continuous coaching and feedback at the heart of their talent management processes, helping managers and employees have impactful discussions that actually move the needle on performance – without becoming a burdensome task.

It's why 91 percent of highly-aligned organizations today either currently or plan to utilize technology to support their performance management processes.1

But to be most effective, performance management also has to be approached holistically and closely integrated with other key talent development activities – such as learning, rewards and recognition, and career development.

This eBook offers research-backed best practices for how organizations can make ongoing performance management a reality – from improving coaching and mentoring to leveraging technology to create a hyper-connected talent experience – to engage and inspire their people to achieve the results that matter to their business.

You'll gain insights into:

  • Why 70% of companies are changing their performance processes
  • How technology enables the evolution of performance management
  • Six best practices for creating a hyper-connected talent experience

Download this eBook to find out how you can establish a culture of ongoing coaching, feedback and development – and closely integrate performance management with other key talent development activities – to create a high-performing, highly-aligned organization that drives results.

1 Brandon Hall Group 2018 Performance Management Study

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