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Cutting through recruitment complexity

An exploration into the future of talent acquisition

Finding the right talent for your organization is challenging. Digital transformation, skill shortages, reducing attention spans and a bewildering choice of rapidly changing recruitment technology are all issues that make talent acquisition a complex problem to solve. But several factors are currently making it harder than ever for companies to attract the talent they need.

It's not just digital skills that are causing recruitment challenges. Ageing populations, high levels of employment and a period of economic uncertainty following the Brexit referendum means that companies are struggling to recruit across a whole range of roles.

In this insight paper, recruitment marketing and employer brand expert Matt Alder, explores transformation, innovations and future trends within the talent acquisition space to cut through the complexity and give clear actionable advice.

You'll gain insights into:

  • The rising importance of employer branding and storytelling to remain competitive
  • The principles of recruitment marketing to interest, attract and convert candidates
  • How to understand, audit and improve your recruitment process with automation
  • The link between internal collaboration, consensus and candidate experience

Download this insight paper to discover the steps you can take to drive your recruitment strategy forward, through the complexity of the current landscape and uncertainty of the future.

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