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Building the New Learner Experience

The modern learner experience – preparing for a changing world

Digital transformation is changing the focus in organizational learning from pushing out content to using technology that offers learners a more personalized experience. Imports such as user experience (UX) from the world of digital design can help us create better interfaces – but being truly learner-centric is about much more than this.

Saba recently hosted a Think Tank Dinner, bringing together expert practitioners in L&D to discuss how learning professionals are responding to the significant changes taking place in the learning landscape; particularly with regard to the learner experience.

Find out what they had to say about:

  • Personalization. Where we see evidence of success in bringing greater personalization to learning
  • Content. How the discovery, delivery and creation of learning content is changing
  • Key technologies. How technologies such as AI and xAPI support the new learner experience (and how L&D can prepare to adopt and benefit from them!)

Download this Think Tank report to discover what learning professionals really think about modern learning in the midst of a rapidly-changing digital landscape.

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