3 Tips to Enable Leadership Growth in Cross-Functional Teams

Learn 3 ways to enable cross-functional teams to lead through influence rather than authority

For employees to succeed and grow in today's organizations, they are often called upon to be a leader when they aren't the leader. McKinsey Research shows that 37% of companies are already using or experimenting with agile models of work – meaning that organizations are managing cross-functional teams, setting goals and valuing employees based on the skills they bring to the table, not their job title.

What if the career ladder isn't an option?

Cross-functional teams are also a great avenue to empower employees to leverage and grow their skills, especially in flatter organizations, when climbing the career ladder isn't always an option. But what happens when an employee is tasked to lead and isn't in a leadership position?

In this guide, 3 Tips to Enable Leadership Growth in Cross-Functional Teams, we've gathered practical ways to help your employees successfully lead through influence rather than authority, creating greater talent mobility in your organization.

In this guide, you'll gain insights into:

  • How to empower employees without positional authority to speak up and accept responsibility
  • Questions to ask that drive strategic decision-making in cross-functional teams
  • Identifying opportunities to commit acts of leadership for personal and organizational growth

Download our guide and learn how to enable employees in cross-functional teams to lead with influence rather than authority.

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