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Today's HR leaders face unprecedented challenges in attracting, hiring, onboarding, inspiring, engaging, developing and retaining top talent. Low unemployment rates, global competition for talent and rapidly changing workplace skill sets are just a few of the shifting dynamics compounding the problems. And on top of it all, even though improved talent management has repeatedly been shown to drive better business performance, many C-Suite executives misguidedly view HR as a cost center since it's not perceived as impacting revenue in the same way that Sales or R&D might.

Job demands have truly never been higher. It's why many top HR and talent leaders are increasingly leaning on modern talent management platforms to streamline talent processes and make their lives a little easier. In fact, a recent PwC survey found that 74 percent of companies plan to increase spending on HR technology in 2020 to address pressing talent needs.1 But with the long list of challenges facing HR leaders comes an even longer list of vendors offering possible solutions. How do you choose the right talent management platform to address your unique challenges? Which platform will offer a great experience for all of your stakeholders, including HR team members, hiring managers, future candidates and current employees? How can you prove the positive impact that your people programs are having on your organization's bottom line?

These questions and more are the reason we created this Talent Management Platform Buying Center. Packed with resources and tools to help you find, evaluate and make an informed buying decision when it comes to your HR technology stack and business, it's your one-stop resource for the information you need to compare your options and select the best talent management platform for your organization.

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Talent Management For The Modern Workforce

As Ben Eubanks of Lighthouse Research and Advisory puts it, "We can create more people-centric workplaces AND drive more value for the business. Engaged companies can outperform disengaged companies by 150 percent." Talent management is increasingly emerging as a competitive advantage amongst leading companies. In fact, a recent McKinsey Global Survey found that nearly all companies (99 percent) with very effective talent management practices outperform their competitors.2

With the war for talent at an all-time high, you need to make sure your talent management system can deliver on its promise. But what selection criteria should you consider when researching and identifying a new talent management platform?

Top talent management platforms should offer:

  • Recruitment technology that gives candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and other stakeholders a personalized, intuitive experience
  • Onboarding capabilities that jumpstart your new hire's integration into your organization, keeping them engaged and reducing early attrition
  • A learning management system that delivers the modern, self-driven development experience employees want while also delivering on business objectives
  • A learning experience platform that provides a highly personalized, engaging learning experience, guided by the unique interests, preferences and aspirations of every person
  • Learning content integrations and bespoke content creation services that address skill gaps and bring learning to life
  • Performance management technology that aligns, engages and develops your people so that they bring their very best to work every day

But all of these systems and processes cannot operate in isolation. The end-to-end talent experience needs to be connected and holistic, with talent management software serving as the bridge.

"Seemingly every aspect of the employee lifecycle must now be a great experience. And in a talent-deficient economy, it cannot be taken for granted." – David Wilson, Fosway Group

Talent Management Software Buyer's Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Choose The Best Talent Management Platform

In this Center of Excellence, you'll find articles, eBooks, checklists and webinars to help you navigate the talent management technology landscape, select a platform to meet the unique needs of your organization, and deliver the personal experience that today's workforce expects. Get started browsing these resources today!

1 "PwC's HR Technology Survey 2020." PwC. 2020.

2 "Winning with your talent-management strategy." McKinsey & Company. August 2018.





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