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The benefits of strategic learning management

According to Brandon Hall Group's 2018 Learning Strategy Survey, 78.4% of Learning organizations have identified "Aligning the learning strategy with the business" as a critical priority in 2018. It's obvious that learning management isn't a "nice-to-have" or a check in a box. It's a business-critical priority for increasing performance, staying competitive and improving employee engagement.

So what happens when learning is linked to strategy? In IDC's 2017 InfoBrief, Best Practices in Learning and Development of High Performing Companies, these organizations saw:

  • 20% greater executive commitment to training
  • 10% higher manager support of the training
  • 32% greater gain in employee performance
  • 38% improved employee productivity

But great learning management doesn't come without strategic planning. Leaders can help drive a love for learning in their organization by creating a learning culture. Here are key ways to can do this:

  • Link learning initiatives to business strategy and seek executive sponsorship
  • Offer a mix of relevant formal, informal and experiential learning experiences and learning content to employees
  • Build performance metrics into your learning programs
  • Use technology to solidify and leverage the connection between learning and performance outcomes important to your business

Keys to success

High-quality learning management starts with a desire to create a learning culture. Our Center of Excellence for learning management offers helpful tools and resources to start building a learning culture that develops your organization's greatest asset: your employees. Prepare to develop and grow your people!

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Learning management spans a rich environment including social, informal, micro, video and mobile learning that leads to employee discovery and development. Dive deeper and learn how to develop a learning culture and strategically align learning with the business goals of the organization.


Go beyond compliance and annual training metrics with a modern learning management system (LMS) that opens up a world of development expectations. Saba's cloud-based LMS can help you offer learning experiences that give your employees meaningful skill and career development opportunities, no matter where they are.

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