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Employee retention

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is the relationship between an organization and its employees. An engaged employee is completely involved and enthusiastic about their work, making a positive contribution to the organization's success.

So what's the best way to engage employees? Organizations need to give their workers clear direction and a larger context for their work. Employees also need to see that there are opportunities for career development and progression, hear praise for their work, and feel that they are encouraged to do their best.

The benefits of employee engagement

Research, from HR research groups to Gallup polls, has found that engaged employees are more productive and customer focused.

Workforce engagement researchers, including Towers Perrin, have also found that companies with high levels of employee engagement have better financial results, including higher operating income, increased net income growth and better earnings per share.

Engaged employees are also more loyal to their employers. Retaining key talent is critical to business success, not just because turnover costs are high, but also because competition for high performing employees is fierce.

To attract and retain employees, you must show that your talent management process encourages employee progression and personal growth - and emphasizes a corporate culture that reinforces your company's values.

Keys to success

Adopting job engagement best practices can be challenging, but it is an effective way to retain employees and boost productivity. Our Center of Excellence for employee engagement and retention has everything you need to ensure your employees are inspired, motivated and working hard to make your organization great - today and for years to come.





Talent management best-practices are one great way to address employee needs and create a culture that fosters employee engagement. Establishing an ongoing, two-way dialogue about performance; having clear, SMART goals; and encouraging manager coaching, training and succession planning go a long way towards building a strong, engaged workforce.


We've got the employee engagement and retention software and tools you need to assess your company's culture, avoid common engagement mistakes and build a strong workforce. Check out our tips and best practices and help ensure organization is ready for whatever the future holds.


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