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Grupo Financiero Banamex is the leading financial services firm in Mexico. Founded in 1884, Banamex has a network of more than 1,700 branch offices across the country serving over 21 million customers. Learn how Banamex Chose Sistemas CBT and Saba to Create a Virtual University to Educate and Help Retain Executives.

Business Challenge

Reduce employee turnover and build loyalty among promising executives, while offering the opportunity for more of its employees to earn a college degree or further their education.

Business Benefits

  • Decrease turnover among current Banamex University students and graduates over the past seven years to virtually zero
  • Extend the opportunity to earn college degrees or diplomas to bank employees located in hundreds of cities across Mexico
  • Reduce its training budget by more than $2 million by eliminating travel costs for thousands of employees outside of Mexico City
  • Have a positive impact on the performance of the sales force bankwide
  • Enable better team building and cooperation using Saba's ability to create and enhance collaboration and leverage social media methods and techniques



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