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When hiring managers have a space to fill on their team, they need to fill it quickly with someone who’s equipped to do the job. Having requisitions awaiting approvals or going through complicated processes to get jobs posted won’t get them any closer to their goal.

Saba recruiting software gets the hiring ball rolling quickly by leveraging all of the talent data that you have to help create a meaningful job description that candidates can easily understand. Getting eyes on it is a breeze with one-click publishing to multiple job sites, including multiple, branded job sites within Saba.

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Creating a job requisition should be easy. Saba Recruiting software includes requisition templates for different job types and postings that draw on the wealth of job profile information already present in your talent site. Tailor your workflows to the specific job type and manage requisition approvals anywhere from the mobile app, to ensure your posting can be ready for prime time, in no time.


Publish your postings to the most popular job boards with our marketplace connectors that let you publish to multiple places with a single click. Create personalized career sites to greet those candidates that come to you and Tap social networks to find the right candidate—active or passive.


Connect your hiring team with each other, to review and discuss job requisitions in a virtual group. When the time comes to conduct interviews, Saba’s built-in virtual meeting tool is there to schedule, invite, and launch meetings between you and your interviewees. Connect from your desk, or on the road from your mobile device.

With the new capabilities in Recruiting, we can already see how it adds an objective view to our hiring processes. We are able to build our new recruiting page quickly and plan to launch it in the next few weeks.

— Charlie Kauffunger, founding partner, The Educe Group

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