News & Media News Umniah Mobile Creates High-Performing Workforce with Halogen Software

Umniah Mobile Creates High-Performing Workforce with Halogen Software

Middle Eastern telecommunications company uses Halogen to help make informed HR decisions to drive business success

London, England - July 16, 2015 - Halogen Software (TSX: HGN) announced today that Umniah Mobile Company - a leading mobile, internet, and business solutions provider - is using Halogen talent management solutions to align its workforce and to make informed HR-related decisions to push the business forward.

"We believe that organisations need a sophisticated, integrated talent management system in order to turn their talent into a competitive advantage in today's marketplace," says Rada Hrout, HR Planning and Development Manager, Umniah. "After a lot of consideration and comparison when we were searching for a system like this, we went with Halogen and we've never looked back."

Halogen Performance™ has been instrumental in helping Umniah establish clear employee performance objectives that are aligned with the company's vision of innovation and customer service excellence. With Halogen 360 Multirater™, managers are able to provide employees feedback from multiple sources, creating a more representative reflection of their performance.

Umniah sees tremendous value in that Halogen's cloud-based solutions bring the most important aspects of employee performance management online. This gives supervisors better insight so they can better monitor and evaluate projects and goals on a regular basis, and spend more time providing ongoing performance feedback and coaching to increase employee engagement.

What Hrout is most proud of about Umniah's talent management strategy is that the company now has a single place and clear history of their employees' performance.

"The 360-degree evaluations, goal-setting, objectives, and employee performance histories are all easily accessible through the Halogen suite," says Hrout. "We have the ability to track performance and learning and development, and can instantly see performance changes and improvements. That makes it easier to make decisions on learning and development paths, career changes and promotions. Without Halogen this would be an impossible job."

"Our relationship with Halogen is more of a partnership than a client-to-customer relationship," continues Hrout. "Their products and services have helped us build our strengths so we can establish our organization as a great service provider with a stellar workforce."

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