News & Media News The Winter Release of Saba Cloud Extends Powerful Analytics For Retaining Top Talent

The Winter Release of Saba Cloud Extends Powerful Analytics For Retaining Top Talent

Helps Businesses Stay Ahead of Voluntary Turnover Estimated at One Third of All US Workers

Redwood Shores, CA - (Marketwired) January 27, 2015 -- Saba (OTCPink: SABA), a leader in cloud-based intelligent talent management, today announced the availability of its Saba Cloud 2015 Winter Release, focused on enabling managers and HR teams to better identify, engage and retain their top talent.

According to a recent study by Bersin by Deloitte, 78% of HR teams rate retention as urgent to address, while only 17% feel ready to adequately manage it. And a new survey conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of Saba, and also released today, underscores the reason for that urgency: 36% of Americans employed full-time/part-time/self-employed said they are currently looking for a new job; and among those, the average departure is planned for July 2015.

With nearly half (47%) of those employed in their current jobs for less than five years, businesses need to shift their focus from keeping their best performers as long as possible to more fully engaging them in the shorter term.

The Saba Cloud Winter Release leverages the powerful predictive analytics in its platform to deliver insights at every stage of employment from recruiting and performance management, to compensation and succession planning. Now, companies can more proactively nurture and build employee commitment on a continuous basis to retain and engage high performers versus waiting for annual performance reviews, or worse-trying to respond quickly when a top employee unexpectedly resigns.

Key highlights of Saba Cloud 2015 Winter Release include:

undefined Succession@Work: New Career Path capabilities empower employee growth and self-development

Users can chart a specific path, or explore multiple "What if?" career scenarios before activating a plan with their manager or mentor. Leveraging Saba Cloud's predictive analytics, Succession@Work will highlight the experience and competencies required for each path based on existing job criteria and prescribe a path to get there, including learning, goals, and skills to be added to the employee's plan.

undefined Compensation@Work: Intelligent and proactive compensation recommendations improve retention and reduce costs

Now, companies can proactively identify at risk employees all year long. Compensation@Work provides this data in the compensation budget planning process including employee-specific recommendations to improve retention and the hard data needed to justify individual investments. This proactive process helps businesses identify funds and allocate them to the appropriate managers in advance.

undefined Recruiting@Work: Fine-tuned recommendations for the right hires, better candidate pools and smarter internal mobility

Saba's Recruiting@Work scans internal employees, alumni, and external candidates to provide recommendations on the most qualified candidates, and gets smarter by analyzing which candidates recruiters and hiring managers accept or reject. And now, users can "fine tune" Saba's recommendations logic at any time by adjusting the signals they find most valuable, as well as by indicating which attributes of a candidate most directly contribute to selection or rejection.

undefined Performance@Work: Simplified goal management facilitates continuous review and discussion, fostering growth

Goal creation, alignment, and navigation now enable macro-level views across not just goals, but how those align across teams and managers, fostering transparency and focus on what matters. In addition, users can now add notes and comments alongside goal progress updates to facilitate continuous dialogue and coaching around the best ways to achieve them.

undefined Saba Mobile: Intelligent recommendations and broader control across devices

Saba Cloud now enables intelligent recommendations on content, connections, and training across devices. In addition, managers have broader control from mobile to approve job requisitions and offers, and review the status of actionable items of direct reports, making recruiting and performance management processes more efficient.

All of these capabilities are available today, and can be purchased as part of Saba Cloud. For more information, click here.

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