News & Media News Saba Previews New Saba Benchmark at HR Tech Conference

Saba Previews New Saba Benchmark at HR Tech Conference

Unique offering to allow companies to measure employee engagement and visualize key business metrics against peers in real-time

Las Vegas, HR TECH CONFERENCE, October 19, 2015 -- Saba, a leader in cloud-based intelligent talent management solutions, today announced its plans to preview the Fall Release of its Saba Cloud solution at the HR industry's largest event focused on connecting talent management leaders and software solutions. The Saba Cloud Fall release will enable easier ways to measure employee engagement, benchmark it against other companies, visualize it for planning and use that data to retain top talent.

One of the toughest, and most critical questions to answer in today's volatile global business environment is: how engaged are my key performers? Gone are the days that it was good enough to go with a manager's "gut check" on the level of engagement of the people that have the greatest impact or potential in the organization. Nor is it fast or frequent enough to do a regular employee survey for that insight. Indeed in its 2015 HR Trends Report, Deloitte found that 78% of HR leaders said that measuring engagement was the most critical part of their job.

Yet, Deloitte also found that only 8% of HR professionals believe their organization is "strong" in the area of talent analytics, demonstrating that the market is ready for a new solution.

The Saba Cloud Fall Release to introduce Saba Benchmark for real-time views of employee engagement

Saba Benchmark, an extension of Saba Analytics, is intended to provide a ready-to-use, growing library of dashboards across key talent metrics, and benchmark data comparing those metrics to industry peers. Critically, benchmark data will continually be assessed in real-time, without the lag introduced through traditional methods, enabling you to understand and react to your workforce instantly.

o Activity Indicators: Saba Benchmark plans to introduce system activity into the mix of engagement indicators
including: average levels of employee recognition, performance data, and pulse survey data on individual,
management, and company sentiments.

o Predictive Analytics: TIM, the Intelligent Mentor, aims to highlight potential hot spots to address, identifies the
root cause, and recommends next steps that can be immediately taken from the screen. For example, if
employee recognition levels are running lower than industry peers, TIM will drill down across top locations,
departments, and managers where the problem is appearing, and suggest action - such as notifying department
leaders, or assigning training or content to help boost recognition within the team.

Pricing and Availability

Part of the Saba Cloud Fall release, Saba Benchmark is designed to extend analytics at the core of the unified solution, and is scheduled to be available in November. Upon release, an introductory set of insights and benchmarks will be available to Saba Cloud customers at no cost. For more information on the Saba Cloud Fall release, click here.

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