News & Media News Saba Launches Transformational Employee Engagement and Performance Tool

Saba Launches Transformational Employee Engagement and Performance Tool

Saba Pulse 360 delivers simple, powerful and real-time employee feedback and engagement insights; Connects dots between talent management, organizational strategy and business outcomes.

HR Technology Conference and Expo, Chicago, IL- October 4, 2016 - Saba, a global leader in cloud-based intelligent talent management solutions, today announced the immediate release of Saba Pulse 360, which is being featured at Saba Booth # 1927 at the HR Technology Conference, the industry's largest forum for learning and talent management solutions. Saba Pulse 360, an integrated part of the Saba Cloud platform, easily captures, analyzes and delivers continuous insights on employee and company performance and connects them to talent actions for a more responsive and agile business.

Saba Pulse 360 extends the value of Saba's Talent Management suite, empowering companies to identify and address issues before they become problems. It is the first solution to marry the speed of real-time, continuous employee surveys, the "hot spots" insight from powerful drill-down dashboards, and the breadth of personalized, departmental and organization-wide actions from a full talent management suite.

"Employee engagement is what strengthens talent management, and that can't be achieved simply by implementing a survey tool or collecting isolated feedback," said Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer & Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group. "But a feedback tool that's tightly connected to organizational and employee performance, at the heart of a Talent Management suite? That can move the needle."

A recent independent survey conducted by Saba with more than 1,800 respondents, revealed that only 22 percent of employees believe their organizations provide training and development that helps in career advancement. Less than 20% of employees believe that their company's current performance reviews are helpful to advancing employees or the organization. Saba Pulse 360 was purpose-built to close this gap.

"Employees can be hesitant to tell management what they really think about their organization, their work, and their workplace culture," said John Hiraoka, Chief Strategy Officer at Saba. "Trying to uncover the real story has spawned a billion-dollar industry involving expensive consultants, open-ended projects, and complex employee surveys, the results actions of which are often outdated before they are published," Hiraoka continued. "That's why we created Saba Pulse 360, a set of intuitive, relevant, straight-forward cloud-based employee engagement and feedback tools integrated into our talent management suite, and designed to drive organizational insight and improve business performance."

Saba Pulse 360 powers:

Saba Pulse 360 not only offers management a real-time dashboard metric on the state of workforce engagement and morale, but as part of the integrated talent suite, it has the ability to analyze, identify and drive focused and relevant action plans for talent programs. In addition, it offers the ability to continuously improve and ultimately measure impact on individual and business performance.

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